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Under The Tree by H.G.Reilly

Zoe has been traveling around the country since she was born, all she wants to do is settle down. When her family stops at a small country town called Glum River, Zoe is determined to stay, but when her father’s abusive character starts getting worse she knows she has to save her little brother from the life that he was born into. 

Zoe meets Melvin, a christian who has been given the chance to save Zoe and her brother. But will he?

Progress: Editing and Drafting Goal: Publish by July

a novel

Her Faith by H.G.Reilly

Malisa’s father was part of a terrible car accident leaving him in a coma in which everyone is worried he’ll never return from. Malisa’s mother, out of grief sends Malisa and her younger sister, Tabitha to their Aunt and Uncle’s home. There Malisa discovers the faith her father had and her mother forgot.

When there is good news Malisa and her sister are called home, but Malisa doesn’t want to leave her newly made friends, and the faith that she loves dearly.

Progress: First draft and plotting Goal: written by September