Identity Gone – Part 1

​Identity Gone is a story I am writing for the website Noble Novels   I turned my attention to the sloping driveway; it twisted, turned and disappeared into the trees. I shuddered at the thought of driving into the dark forest at eight o’clock in the evening on the 31st of October. “Come on Lizzie, it isn’t that [...]

The Happenings of the Hope Family

Hello everyone, Let's just get down to business and not have any sidetracks. "Oh was that a flying pie?" *coughs embarrassed* I promise I don't dream about flying pies that destroy the world by eating chickens and sneezing rainbows ... *smiles* I am officially a published Author! *woo's in excitement* which means ... well that [...]

UTT (Publishing?)

Hello everyone, So you may be aware that since I finished the first draft for Under The Tree (UTT) I have been considering self-publishing it. (Ah the suspense) and you will maybe, probably, maybe not be excited to hear that today I have been going through Createspace and putting in all the detail... and my plan [...]