Book Cover Reveals!

Hello everyone, I haven't posted for eleven days which is a huge time space for my usual blogging. This is mainly due to me waiting for book covers so I can do a book cover reveal for my book series. The designers I asked have been taking quite a while to respond and by now [...]


Free Promotion

Hello Everyone, I have some exciting news! (The suspense is too much!) ... From the 1st of July to the 5th my short, true story 'The Happenings of the Hope Family' will be completely free to get on your Kindle reader or on the online reader If you don't have an account it is pretty easy [...]

Identity Gone – Part 1

​Identity Gone is a story I am writing for the website Noble Novels   I turned my attention to the sloping driveway; it twisted, turned and disappeared into the trees. I shuddered at the thought of driving into the dark forest at eight o’clock in the evening on the 31st of October. “Come on Lizzie, it isn’t that [...]

The Happenings of the Hope Family

Hello everyone, Let's just get down to business and not have any sidetracks. "Oh was that a flying pie?" *coughs embarrassed* I promise I don't dream about flying pies that destroy the world by eating chickens and sneezing rainbows ... *smiles* I am officially a published Author! *woo's in excitement* which means ... well that [...]