10 Fun Facts About Me

Hello everyone,


I thought it would be cool to tell my readers just a little bit about me. Other than the stuff in my bio.

  • 10 Fun Facts About Me
  • 5 Things I Do And Don’t Like About Writing
  • 5 Things I Do Other Than Writing
  • 5 Tips From Me Regarding Writing

Let’s start with the first thing shall we

10 Fun/Not-So-Fun Facts About H. G. Reilly

  1. My favorite colour is red and second favorite is green
  2. I spend a bit of time on day off’s playing video games.
  3. I get petrified whenever I see a spider. (It doesn’t help that Australia ties number 1 spot for most dangerous spiders in the world with it’s beautiful funnel-web spider) *Goes up and changes title to ‘/no-so-fun’*
  4. I make good Apple Pies 
  5. When I move out of home I want to get a Havanese or Pomeranian Dog. (I’m not a fan of big dogs…)
  6. I am a black belt in TaeKwonDo 
  7. I don’t like using pencils.
  8. I am a HUGE Star Wars Fan!
  9. I am an extrovert but can be quiet at times
  10. I take piano lessons on Tuesdays.

5 Things I Do And Don’t Like About Writing

  1. I DON’T Like: The stress involved in editing and publishing
  2. I DON’T Like: Writers Block
  3. I Like: Creating characters, setting and plots
  4. I Like: Writing things I want to tell people about
  5. I Like: Creating Titles and Covers

5 Things I Do Other Than Writing

  1. Schoolwork. 
  2. Baking/Cooking.
  3. Listening to music, singing, playing the piano and guitar.
  4. Watching Jess and Gabriel Conte (Christian YouTubers)
  5. Reading

5 Tips From H. G. Reilly Regarding Writing

  1. Keep ideas. Whenever you get a plot idea, or character write it down somewhere, who knows you may come back a year later and write it.
  2. Create a music playlist to listen too while writing. I have different ones for the different novels I write.
  3. Tell your people about your novel ideas.
  4. If you are in School or still a student, DO NOT only write. Do Schoolwork and put some time aside for writing.
  5. Pray To God for guidance!

That’s everything for today, I hope you enjoyed!


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