Impromptu Stories #2

Hello everyone,

Here is part two of the first Impromptu Story:

After the wedding Adele and her family were hanging around some tables with family friends. The friends had a son about Adele’s age they were good friends but she couldn’t remember much about him except for little times where her family had visited them years later.

Adele was too scared to go get food from the tables, she was small and there were heaps of adults. The boy had gone to get himself some food and brought back a cookie for Adele. It was a heart.

This is such a cringy story… I hope you lived through that. *looks down at the ground where you are lying clutching your stomach in agony*

I thought just so you weren’t left with this super awful story I could have another one. I promise it’s much better! (I hope)

We walked a little further. The trees were taller here, they reached up into the deep blue cloudless sky. I gave my friends Ben and Ruby a look before calling out. “Mistress of the trees, mistress of the trees.”

There was silence, I was about to repeat what I had said when a tree beside us with wide branches shivered and a girl no older than myself sat on a branch. In her hands was clasped a staff of weaved wood. “You called me?” She asked turning her head slightly.

“Yes… we were told to seek you by my Grandmother.” Ruby replied. “Perhaps you know her, Sandrya Greene?”

“I do know her.” The girl said carefully. “Why have you seeked me?”

“The trees…” Ben started.

“They have rebelled.” The girl finished for him. “I am aware.” She murmured. She pointed to her staff. “This is made from the eldest oak wood, the wisest of them all. It was a gift to me from the almighty one. I can see all the trees in the world, all their thoughts.”

“The almighty one?” I asked.

“Yes, he is the creator. He gives us all gifts which we use to glorify him… I am surprised you haven’t heard of him!” The girl exclaimed rather shocked.

“But your staff.” Ben said.

“It is merely a gift. I am normal, I get hurt and I die just like any person.”

“You need to help us, the trees are destroying towns.” Ruby stated getting aggravated.

“I know, I will help as well as I can.”

This is an interesting plot I thought of yesterday, I am currently writing a novel at the moment but one day I might go back to this… who knows.

Please forgive me if these stories are grammatically correct, I did go over it once or twice.

What did you think of them both?


H. G. Reilly


“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

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