Everyone Has A Story

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.

– Acts 1:8

I have the worst sense of humor so I’m not even going to try and make this funny… be warned this will be a serious, emotional (hopefully not) and who knows what else blog post.

Why don’t we get started then?

As you can tell from the title we will be talking about stories/testimonies/whatever comes into my mind.


I love stories (statement-of-fact) and sometimes I just write short things that I don’t really read ever again, but I thought that over the next however long I’ll just write the little stories on here so they sort of won’t go missing. (The first one will be in the next post)


As Christians we are told to tell our testimony (how we came to faith) some people/most people will think that their testimony isn’t really worth hearing, it isn’t an amazing life-saving testimony. Well jokes on you. Every testimony is life-saving. If you believe in God and believe he sent his son to die for you, and that when you sin you can ask for forgiveness and that your sins will then be forgiven then you are saved. That my friend is a life-saving testimony worth telling people of.

My testimony? (for example)

I was born into a christian family, my father was and is the pastor/minister of churches we’ve moved around too. My mum is a strong christian. My eldest two brothers are strong Christians. That’s how I grew up.

BUT I wasn’t immediately a christian. There was a point where my childish beliefs of God switched to the more mature thoughts. It was that in-between spot where I questioned God. And after thought, prayer and study of the bible I have grown in my faith and have a better idea of God’s amazing love for me. I still don’t understand a heap of things, but with prayer I’ll grow in God’s word and discover many amazing things.

So that is mine. It’s pretty normal isn’t it?

Everyone’s testimonies are different, NO TWO has the same testimony. Whether it’s what questions they went through, how they dealt with things, what passages they read… everyone has different testimonies and they are ALL worth listening to!

God Bless,

H. G. Reilly






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