Why Canada?

I’ve been wondering what to blog about, and today I am going to be telling you why ‘The Watchers Saga‘ is based in Canada.


So, I did a bit of thinking when I first came up with the series and I was at first going to base it in the USA somewhere, but I thought because most YA novels are based in the USA, I wanted something different.

So from there I was stuck, where now?

I thought of Australia, I know the place well … but the plan I had for the novel didn’t fit.

So of course my next idea was Canada. A bonus would be that if I were to travel anywhere oversees I would go to Canada. 


So I’ve been doing heaps of research on Canada. Gosh, it’s tiring but definitely worth it!

I even found out there is an IKEA in Ottawa and I took that chance to put in into the novels so that it’s more realistic. (I mean who doesn’t like IKEA?!… That was a rhetorical question.)

I am babbling on, so I will finish this post.

I hope you all have an amazing, peaceful day!

H. G. Reilly


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