Book Cover Reveals!

Hello everyone,

I haven’t posted for eleven days which is a huge time space for my usual blogging. This is mainly due to me waiting for book covers so I can do a book cover reveal for my book series. The designers I asked have been taking quite a while to respond and by now I’ve already created my own design for covers … I wouldn’t call it impatience (although I give you all rights to say that).

It is really early to say anything but I am planning on actually publishing via publishing company for this book series so I will likely get a professional cover depending on how much I want spent on this. Nevertheless I have a whole group of covers just as an idea.


This is the first book cover (above). My idea was to have the writing reflected on the water. This is by far my favourite cover. – Watchers –


This is the second book cover. – Blizzards –

Copy of Copy of Watcher.jpg

This is the third book cover. – Thorns –

Copy of Copy of Copy of Watcher.jpg

This is the fourth book cover. – Flames –

I had some awesome feedback from some friends yesterday when I was explaining the plot to them (not too detailed, don’t you worry) I probably can’t explain it as well as I did yesterday but I’m going to try, at least to get you all excited for the first book anyway.


Watchers is the first book in a four book series. It is the story of a girl named Ash who was taken in by a secret spy agency called Strings when she was very little. The Agency teaches the children (mainly orphans who don’t have anyone to look after them) to be either of four roles:

  • Sleuths – Detectives
  • Stewards – Office Workers (People who do all the undercover online work)ย 
  • Soldiers – The army
  • Watchers – Spies and Assassins

Ash grew up knowing she was to be one of the Agency’s best Watchers and she becomes the first female Watcher and is quickly made the leader of the Watchers industry. Ash is sent on her first super important mission where she and a few of the best Watchers in the agency are sent with their own soldiers. Something happens and all the Watchers Com’s stop working after that chaos is ensued and a bomb goes off killing everyone except for Ash and two other Watchers, Thorn and Rex. Together they team up to figure out why the agency has killed off their best agents and what it has planned for the future of the world.

Okay this is a little sidetrack because I didn’t exactly explain what exactly the agency was doing in the first place. The government at the time is working together to destroy the current world to create a better one, so it’s sort of a Dystopian novel only it’s the middle part where the government is changing the world not already has changed it. The Agency is trying to stop the government because they know it is futile to change the world.

So that was heaps of information, it wasn’t anything like I had explained to my friends but I hope it sort of gave you an idea of the background story.


In Christ,

H. G. Reilly


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