A Hundred Talents

This may seem like a very interesting title… “What does she mean?” to be completely honest with you, I have no idea what I’m going to write about today. The title came into my mind and I thought it was cool and wrote it down.

Once upon a time…

Ew who writes that anymore?”

Well actually allot of people. That is a hurtful statement to writers.

“How come?”

It is a hurtful statement because I kid you not almost every writer will begin their story with Once upon a time. Of course it won’t be in the finished document (unless it is) but it is the first thought.

“That is stupid.”

Yes, so is the idea that the world is flat.

“Some people do still think that…”

*smiles* People are weird.

There once was a girl who lived in the beautiful countryside of England.

Why England?”

Why not?

It’s always England, Harry Potter was in the UK, I bet that Lord of the Rings was written in England.”

Fine. There once was a girl who lived in the beautiful countryside of the USA.

Um… that isn’t how it works.”

Why don’t you write the story then?

*shuts mouth*

I didn’t think so. There once was a girl who lived in the countryside of some place in England. This girl was disliked but many people she new and she was always sitting by herself on a lonely bench under a tree.

I’m confused.”

By what?

Why did no one like her?”

I was getting there… *sighs* This girl was disliked for she was talented, more talented than anyone who knew her, and they were all jealous of her. She had the voice of an angel, her knowledge of the history of the world was spectacular, and she danced like nobody was watching. There was so much talent that her parents didn’t know what to do with her.

My parents knew what to do with me… they said ‘go to school’ ‘do your homework’ ‘go to college’ ‘marry’ ‘have children’ ‘and grow old’.”

Right. Well the girl was so talented she knew exactly what she wanted to do. When she grew up and was old enough to travel alone she went on a train and travelled to a private school for talented children. Little did she know that the talented children this school took were no where near as talented as herself.

What happened?”

She showed the school her different talents and they were amazed! They took her in for free and said they would pay for her education and everything as long as she would work for them, for they could see how much talent she had. When the girls parents found out they were so proud and moved from the countryside to a small apartment in London. Before long the girl preformed her many talents before the Queen and became worldwide one of the most famous and richest people that ever lived.

Wow she must be so happy!”

But like everyone else she grew old, and when she turned eighty she lost her hearing, and became paralysed in her legs. Only a year later she died, and it wasn’t long before people forgot her. She wasn’t remembered for how much talent she had. She was forgotten.

But she was so talented… how could she be forgotten?”

I don’t know.

What do you mean you don’t know!”

She was forgotten, if she’s forgotten I can’t tell you anything more.

But… I don’t…”

Being talented is a gift, it is amazing… but in the end you will die.

Well that is harsh.”

But true.

I hope you guys sort of enjoyed this little story.



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