Identity Gone – Part 3


It has been a few days since I last posted. (What only three days?)

I have been doing heaps of character creation and plotting for my newest project – which I have not yet told anyone (anyone at all) about. So that has been keeping me pretty busy.

Here it is, the third part of Identity Gone! *whoops with joy* It’s it exciting? *Claps hands like a newborn baby* *decided being compared to a newborn baby probably isn’t good* So I hope you enjoy reading!

I thought she was joking. There is no such thing as monkeys with seven eyes and three legs. Well it is true that there are pale skinny girls in the woods at night so anything is possible.

My thoughts were interrupted by Delilah tripping over a pile of books by the door.

“Are you alright?” Jenny asked stepping forwards to help her.

“I am fine.” Delilah replied stepping up as if nothing happened. “I must show you the others.”

We followed Delilah up a staircase to a long dark hallway covered in spider webs. I started doubting that we were in a safe place.

The third door on the left creaked open and candle light poured out into the hallway. “Deli, is that you?” a gruff voice called.

“Of course, it is, who else would it be?” a high-pitched voice replied coming from the room.

“I just thought…” The gruff voice started.

“Oti, you need to understand there is no one here besides us.” The higher voice fought back.

“Oti, Her, it is me, Delilah.” Delilah called motioning us forward. “I brought two friends.” She added as we reached he door.

A large wide head poked out of the door almost hitting Jenny in the head. “Her! Deli brought people!” The gruff voiced head exclaimed his eyes widening in excitement.

Delilah lead us into the room where a smaller female version of the guy sat in a rocking chair.

“This is Oti,” Delilah introduced patting the large guy’s shoulder as he sat down on a chair beside the other. “And this is Her.” Delilah said turning to the smaller figure.

“Oh, I get it…” Jenny said. “Oti, Her … Other.”

“Yes, our mother wasn’t very creative … at least my brother has an ‘I’ in his name, it makes him special.” Her said.

There was silence as we stood there watching as Oti and Her had a silent conversation.

“Are you the only ones in the house?” I asked. “What about the monkeys…”

“They prefer to be in the kitchen, that way they are out of our hearing and can bang as many pots and pans as possible.” Oti replied. “They are beating their breaking pans record from last year.” He muttered. “fifty whole pans, no idea where they get them from.”

“Fifty!” Jenny exclaimed.

Oti and Her nodded unenthusiastically.

“Occasionally the sound with reach this part of the house and Oti will have a fit and go downstairs and break a few more just to annoy them. It means they can’t break as many.” Delilah told us.

“Sometimes they forget there are other people in the house.” Oti muttered angrily.

“Monsters, not people.” Her corrected, leaning back into the chair.

Oti shrugged his shoulders.

“Would you like to see the monkeys?” Delilah asked.

“Deli, the sound would probably make them deaf and I don’t think the monkeys are the most gorgeous things to see.” Her said wisely.

“I wasn’t really looking forward to it anyway.” Jenny said.

“Are you here because you’re sick and want to come back as monsters?” Oti asked taking us off guard.

“Uh, no…” I started.

“Oti, we aren’t supposed to tell them.” Delilah and Her exclaimed simultaneously.

“What do you mean?” Jenny asked curiously.

“When you die in this house you come back as a monster like us. You have mostly the same features but one thing will change supernaturally.” Oti explained.

“Oti…” Her started.

“I have super strength, not that I need it.” Oti said grinning. “Her can go invisible.” He added.

Delilah shook her head suddenly. “Oti, please!”

“But your power is awesome Deli, why can’t I tell them?” He asked sadly.

“Because you aren’t allowed too.” Her stated.

Jenny and I took a step back, it was allot to take in. Jenny suddenly tore down the hallway in a sprint. I was quick to follow her.

Please don’t go, we need your help.” I heard Delilah’s voice say in my mind I fell back onto the floor beside Jenny who was kneeling over clutching her head in her hands. “Don’t resist…”

I heard a loud rattling sound as something crawled out of a large room carrying a pan and spoon. It twisted its head and asked: “Who are you two?”

This short story is probably going to get quite supernatural so if you don’t like reading about dogs with three tails, and lions who love to drink tea… I would stop reading. 🙂


May your day be filled with peace,

H. G. Reilly




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