Well hello there, you have once again fallen into my blog. (Oh the horror!)

I know recently there was allot of back and forth on whether I was going to publish ‘Under The Tree‘ and then I had published ‘The Happenings of the Hope Family‘ instead. I am sure it is very confusing for you all. So I have put off everything for Under The Tree.

The reason for this isn’t because I am lazy and don’t want to edit it. (although that could be one teeny tiny reason) It isn’t because I don’t like the plot, story or characters. I just think that I want to put it off for say, next year or maybe the year after. That way when I come back to it, I will be more mature in my writing, and I will hopefully have a better idea for what is going to happen to it.

I have been doing some thinking and some plotting (good plotting, not bad plotting) *does an evil grin* and I have been doing some character creation for a very special story.


Oh the suspense is killing you!


I won’t be giving away much information about this new project because it is very special. I will say that I will be doing quite allot of thought into this one. The character creation itself will take longer than my normal novels. The plotting hasn’t even started yet but I have so many amazing ideas! So I am excited to start creating.

(The people who follow me on Pinterest will probably be able to get a few hints out of one of my newest boards – because I don’t feel like making it a secret board)

Here is one hint for those of you who aren’t on or following me on Pinterest.

Copyrighted to whoever put this onto Pinterest 

That and I will be reading a few Jane Austen books in the next few weeks, or months.


May your day be filled with peace,

H. G. Reilly


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