Identity Gone – Part 2

This is the second part of Identity Gone as you may be able to tell from the title. It was originally supposed to be posted on Noble Novels last week but there has been a bit of a wait so here it is for you who have been waiting.

Jenny fell over screaming.

“Get off her, you monster!” I yelled bravely.

Whatever it was shuddered and moved back, a large black cloak hid its face; I could see its long fragile pale limbs moving under the cloak.

Jenny crawled backwards quickly away from the cloaked figure.

It whimpered. “S-sorry.” It stuttered shivering. The voice was chalky.

Jenny turned her head watching the figure move away. “Who are you?” She asked.

The figure lifted its head and I saw its pale face. I saw that it was actually a she. Her eyes were slits her mouth a thin dry line, which wobbled as if about to cry.

“Don’t cry.” I murmured. To be honest she scared the living daylight out of me but she seemed scared and I wanted to help.

“Who are you?” Jenny repeated.

“I am Delilah.” She replied batting her eyelids delicately. “Do you have any water?”

I frowned as Jenny jumped up and ran to the car bringing back a bottle of water and handing it to the girl.

Delilah gulped it down quickly. “T-thank you.” She said looking up moving her head around reminding me of a snake.

“Where are you from?” Jenny asked.

“The mansion.” Delilah replied standing up, her limbs looked as if they were going to break under her but they were steady.

“Do you come out often?” I asked watching in my peripheral vision as Jenny also stood up following the girl.

“Only today,” came her vague answer.

“You mean on Halloween!” I exclaimed biting my lip nervously.

“If that is what you call it, then yes.”

“What do you call it?” Jenny asked.

Delilah thought for a moment. “Afterlife.”

“As in, coming back to life?” I muttered.

“Today is the only day my friends and I can come back.” Delilah said passing our car without even glancing at it.

“We are walking?” Jenny gulped.

“How else were you expecting to get there?” Delilah croaked.

“By car.” I explained.

“What car?” Delilah asked turning round trying to find our car; she seemed to be blind for her eyes flicked over it without noticing. “There is no car.”

Jenny and I were forced to walk with this flimsy pale girl for five minutes until we got to the large dark gates of the mansion.

I shuddered looking through the gate to where the mansion stood towering over all of the trees. There was a garden with dead and dying trees, nothing seemed to be alive.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Delilah remarked she started hopping around as the dark gates opened.

Jenny and I gave each other a worried look before following the girl in.

She turned to us as we reached the doors of the mansion. “I hope you like small monkeys with seven eyes and three legs.” Delilah beamed excitedly opening the creaking doors.

I never planned for a lonely mysterious girl called Delilah would suddenly join the story, but that is what came into mind and I hope you guys liked this and look forward to Part 3!


H. G. Reilly


6 thoughts on “Identity Gone – Part 2

    1. *laughs* If you want my honest opinion I think the rest of the parts will also be cliffhangers but I will try to calm down. 😀
      Thank you! That means allot.

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