Here it is everyone!

I have had a few questions come through which I’m going to be answering, I hope you all enjoy!

What is the first book that made you cry?

The Divergent series – Allegiant (the 3rd book)


I don’t want to spoil anything but I got quite emotional. *whimpers*

What authors did you dislike at first but grew into?

Chris D’lacey wrote a book series – The Last Dragon Chronicles – I really didn’t like them when I started reading it. So I stopped reading the books.


I came back half a year later and read through them all, and I didn’t really mind them. 

How many unpublished and half-finished books do you have?

I cannot give you an exact count, because there are probably heaps!

What’s the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite gender?

I think the hardest thing to write would be romantic scenes. (I try to not do this often) I just don’t know how men feel in situations and I end up making them very sappy. 

Do you Google yourself?

Of course I do! It isn’t something I am proud of but I do google myself … sometimes.

How long on average does it take you to write a book?

You probably know this, but I don’t like having to write in a particular time period (hence not doing NaNoWriMo 2016) So usually it will take me up to four months at the least.

What do you hate more: Coming up with titles or writing summaries?

I love coming up with titles! I was never given the gift of writing summaries I always end up writing the whole story in two lines. 

If someone were to draw a piece of fan art for your story, which story would it be and what would the picture be of?

I would love to see fan art of my short true story The happenings of the Hope Family. One of the incidents in it would be so funny to see!

Do you listen to music when you write or does music inspire you? If so, which band or genre of music does it for you?

As a matter of fact I am listening to music right now. I listen to music all the time! Music can sometimes inspire me, not often. 

I listen to allot of Pop music, mainly Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran otherwise I listen to Christian music. 

What’s your favourite genre to write?

Christian fiction is fun to write, but I also enjoy writing Young Adult Dystopian Fiction (not that I can write it)

What is your greatest strength as a writer?

Having such encouraging people commenting and liking posts about my writing tips and writing updates is a pretty great strength as a writer. 

… I write to glorify God and I think that God is my greatest strength as a writer because it doesn’t matter if I’m having trouble coming up with a scene he is there.

What do you struggle the most with in your writing?

Ending. I can’t end stories, I never have the perfect ending it is always really awful. 

What gave you the idea for Under the Tree? What encouraged you to write it down?

Once upon a time …

I was trying to come up with a novel to write for Camp NaNoWriMo and I decided on doing just a normal story about a girl who traveled around Australia with her family. It was quite a boring story until I added the main theme: Abuse. (that sounds really bad) but I wanted to show people that Abuse isn’t a nice thing and for Zoe it ruined how she looked at things, and all she wanted to do was leave. So the thing that encouraged me was that I want to show people that is isn’t only something that happens outside of the home, it can happen in families. 

When did you first decide you wanted to be a writer? Why?

I actually can’t remember when. I know that I have always loved reading and books have been quite a strong learning point of my life. I have learnt and am learning so much stuff from books and I wanted to teach people about God through something fun to read. Because no one liked reading school books. You learn better when you read in a way you enjoy reading. 

If there was one message you could communicate to people through Under the Tree, what would that be?

Like I said two questions ago, I would want to communicate that there a people who get abused by family members and it is an awful thing to go through for fictional characters and real people.

What are your thoughts on the plot vs. character debate?

Okay so I had to looks up what this actually was. *makes a face*

I feel like I focus more on character than plot but as an author of Christian Fiction it is hard because I am trying to show people God’s amazing Grace through something you read, and sometimes Character personalities and how they act is a VERY vital point of showing them that. Plot is always important it is something that keeps people reading. I think both are as important as each other. (not just because I don’t want to be in the thick of it all *laughs) but because they are both extremely important for people to enjoy a book.  

I hope you enjoyed all this!


H. G. Reilly


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