Rainy Days

It has been raining quite a lot as Australia goes into Winter. You may know that when it is raining heavily outside and there is almost no sunlight you feel restricted from doing normal things you would do.

Welcome to H. G. Reilly’s 10 fun things to do when it is raining!

*Cringes at the title* *cringes that I used the word cringed*

  1. Read – This is a good, educational and fun thing to do when you feel restricted. I know at most times I don’t feel like reading but it is a good thing to do.
  2. Board Games – Most times you need a partner for this activity but sometimes you get so caught up in the board games that you forget it’s raining outside.
  3. DIY – Pinterest and heaps of different websites have amazing DIY activities to pass the time (using everyday household items – which for some odd reason my family never has – )
  4. Baking – I LOVE baking and when I get the chance to get creative and bake something using pastry and fruit I go straight in.
  5. Watch a movie – I tried to keep this off the list but I am someone who would not be able to live without technology. (Probably – not – ) Go onto Netflix (if you have it) and watch a TV show you’ve held of for a while. I heard the new Anne with an E is really good.
  6. Clean up – Ewe! Where did this come from? I’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable … but cleaning up a room that you’ve forgotten to clean or simply don’t want to clean is probably a good thing to do. (TIP: I find it more enjoyable to listen to music while cleaning up)
  7. Snug ‘N’ Warm – Grab a warm blanket, find your favourite chair, sit by the fire (again, if you have one) make a hot-chocolate, a chai, a tea or coffee and just sit there and contemplate why you read my Blog and what good it makes. 😉
  8. Schoolwork – I don’t know why this is in the list … it isn’t fun for anyone! *Thinks about the few people I know who actually love doing schoolwork* There are some fun subjects though. I would gladly sit (with a hot-chocolate) and do some History. Let’s pause this here and I’ll just tell you a little fact about me. I would gladly do a heap of things as long as it involves hot chocolate.
  9. Our second last fun thing, and as you can tell that I am NOT running out of things to do! *Coughs nervously* Write – Ah of course, can’t go through a day without writing a bit more of that secret novel you aren’t telling anyone about. Well really we could but why would we? Write, you have time … you have a whole day!
  10. Just enjoy God’s creation of Rain – I was saving this for last everyone, don’t worry! I wouldn’t recommend siting outside on your good wooden chair in the rain to soak it all in. (see what I did there? 😉 ) Although it is awesome to run in the rain (I already have a cold so that is a big no-no) It’s also great to do N.7 and just watch the rain drip down your windowsill and flood out all those awful little mud spots on the concrete outside.

I hope you enjoyed this list and make sure to do them on a rainy day. Otherwise you will probably just sit around doing nothing.

In Christ,

H. G. Reilly



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