Identity Gone – Part 1

​Identity Gone is a story I am writing for the website Noble Novels


I turned my attention to the sloping driveway; it twisted, turned and disappeared into the trees. I shuddered at the thought of driving into the dark forest at eight o’clock in the evening on the 31st of October.

“Come on Lizzie, it isn’t that bad.” Jenny insisted. “I come here all the time.”
I observed the tall dark trees. “Yes, but that wasn’t at night.” I explained. “And this time we are sneaking into a creepy house to investigate the death of some mysterious person.” I stated. “On Halloween.” I added, because that made it worse.
“I don’t celebrate Halloween.” Jenny remarked.
“That doesn’t mean other people don’t.” I muttered leaning back into the passengers seat.
Ever since Jenny and I were six we had loved investigating and to be perfectly honest we thought we did it very well at it. It wasn’t until now that we had the freedom we needed to do our investigating, and what a great place it was too. Our little town of Maura-Maura, which was always at its peak for criminals and mysteries, which is why Jenny and I decided to move here.
Jenny put the car into drive and we steadily drove down the driveway. Jenny and I had been best friends for as long as I could remember, now we were both eighteen and ready to find some real mysteries. Not just the ones about the missing cat or the biscuit that was stolen (which in truth we had both sneakily taken).
“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” Jenny whispered as we approached the forest.
“You think I’ll let you go in there alone?” I snickered. “No way.”
Jenny smiled from the drivers seat.


The forest wasn’t as dark as I had expected it to be. The moon was out and lit the forest with an eerie glow.
“How far till we get to the house?” I inquired watching out the front window anxious of what monsters awaited.
Jenny yelped suddenly swerving the car away from something on the ground outside. “Two more minutes.” She muttered pulled over and unbuckling her seat belt.
“Jenny?” I asked in alarm.
“There was something on the road.” She responded opening her door.
I chuckled nervously. “So you just go and look at it?” I unbuckled my own seat belt. “Regular David Attenborough right there.” I muttered.
I followed Jenny to the thing we had almost accidentally run over. We both peered at it confused, it moved suddenly reaching up towards us jumping at Jenny.
….to be continued.


In Christ,

H. G. Reilly


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