Eternity is a big word


Infinite time; duration without beginning or end.
The word eternity is like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Yes, I did Google how to spell that); meaning that when you are a child you have no clue whatsoever of what it means, it doesn’t sink it like it would as you mature and grow.
The Bible refers to eternity as an essence of time. I had a question asked by a girl at our after school group.
“If we die, what happens? I was told eternity wasn’t real. How long is eternity?”
It is an exciting thing to talk to a girl around 7-9 years of age and I wanted to answer her question without being straight up in her face about it.
Yes they are serious question, but there is a point where talking to kids should be carefully thought through (keep in mind I’m still a teenager so I am as immature as it gets)
Eternity is as long as the universe (this explanation went down well) The universe is never ending, it just continues.
You parents love you and when it is your birthday they give you presents. God also loves you and he has given you a present as well. And that present is that when you grow old and die you can go live with God in heaven forever.
*Throws balloons in the air*
In the end, eternity is a big word with an ENORMOUS meaning; it’s hard to even imagine how long eternity is! It’s exciting to think about nonetheless.
God Bless,
H. G. Reilly

5 thoughts on “Eternity is a big word

  1. It definitely is such a big word to think about! I think that the true meaning of it doesn’t sink in as much until we actually start to realize what it represents in reference to God’s grace and our spiritual death

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