Hi guys,

The last little while I have been continuously listening to music. (Big surprise there)

I am quite a fangirl when it comes to music … which can be good and bad at the same time.

  • My Top Favourite Artist

– Shawn Mendes

(I am sorry for all you Justin Bieber weirdoes out there… *jokes*) I am quite a Shawn Mendes Fan. I found out about Shawn Mendes (here comes her long introduction about boring stuff) the beginning of this year. I know that isn’t a long time.

The first of his songs I heard was Treat You Better


When I heard that song … Let’s just say Taylor Swift went flying out the window. 😉

I bought Treat You Better only a day later and discovered the one I bought was in fact a cover of the song. *starts crying* A month or so later I had bought the whole first album – Handwritten


And in March I bought Illuminate

2c8b41f2059b60527dff72b1fa142c6b.jpgFinally someone who owned almost all of his songs I was looking on the web for when he would tour to Australia (my country) *laughs* That sounds really weird but I loved the songs and he is such a passionate artist!

So I finally found out on Ticketek and have been super excited to go… but I am to young to go by myself and everyone I know who would actually go isn’t. So I’m a little disappointed. But there will always be next year. 🙂

List of my Favourite SM Songs:

  • Mercy
  • There’s nothing holding me back
  • The Weight
  • Treat you better
  • Stitches
  • Honest
  • Something Big
  • Never Be Alone
  • No Promises
  • Like This
  • Roses
  • Strings

By the way I pretty much named half of his songs, the others I love listening to but they don’t really reach out to me like these ones do.

Thanks for reading, next post will be about another artist I love listening to. (So stay tuned)


H. G. Reilly




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