Q and A

Okay guys, so I have discovered that I am unable to post the Q and A here (since I don’t have the premium plan, because I am cheap) *that and I don’t want it* so huge apology to all of you who were actually looking forwards to it. *looks round the room* *everyone is giving each other confused faces* Right…

Instead I will be posting some very random things here… (because I am a writer who has nothing on her mind but sitting around eating chocolate) *hesitates* *remembers she can’t eat anything hard* *smacks head annoyed* *discovers she is a rebel and doesn’t care what it will do to her* *rolls her eyes and tells herself that she is smarter than that* So random stuff…

  • On Friday, I got two teeth taken out “Thanks, that was really something we wanted to hear.” Which means, I got four needles (technically four pricks with one needle in the top of my mouth to numb it before my dentist (WHO IS AWESOME BY THE WAY!!!) took out two of my teeth. The very interesting day went from alright to… unexpected. We were driving out of the city when we discovered the main motorway was blocked by a traffic accident so, we drove around Sydney for 3 WHOLE HOURS (may be an exaggeration) to top that off half or so of Sydney had a blackout which meant that ALL the traffic lights were black and as well as this, IT WAS THAT TIME OF THE AFTERNOON WHERE EVERYONE IS GOING HOME AND IT SEEMS LIKE EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON EARTH IS SOMEHOW ON THE SAME STREET AS YOU. “You mean peak hour?” *sighs* Yes, peak hour. The main idea is that a numb mouthed minus two teethed girl was sitting in the car with her mother in the city which had no power driving around for a ridiculous amount of time trying to go home.

(The sad news is I am changing dentists – hey if it was my choice I wouldn’t! – but no…)

  • I have been watching the Voice recently and there is this AWESOME 15 year old girl – Lucy Sugerman – She is an amazing singer and she has passed to the lives, which is amazing! (that probably makes no sense unless you actually watch the Voice…) But it is random.
  • I am looking after a dog for 11 weeks, her name is Bella – she is a Labrador/Retriever and she is absolutely gorgeous!
  • I am going to buy myself a laptop very soon. My reason is because at the moment I am using a Mac Desktop

Apple iMac 21.5-inch_1-500x620.jpg

One of these HUGE things. Imagine being a writer to likes to write in all kinds of places on holidays, in the car and bringing this thing that actually needs a powerpoint to actually work with you. It’s just not my thing. So I am buying myself a laptop:


Which is one of those 2 in 1 touchscreens


Look at that BEAUTY!!!

That is my random news for today, sorry if you were looking forward to the Q and A, I will hopefully get around to writing out all the Questions and Answers instead sometime.

H. G. Reilly


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