The Happenings of the Hope Family

The Happenings of the Hope Family.jpg

Hello everyone,

Let’s just get down to business and not have any sidetracks. “Oh was that a flying pie?”

*coughs embarrassed* I promise I don’t dream about flying pies that destroy the world by eating chickens and sneezing rainbows … *smiles*

I am officially a published Author! *woo’s in excitement* which means … well that means that I am here to tell you I have published a book and that you can buy it. (simple, elegant, classic).

I thought it would be interesting to give you a little backstory of where this (true) story came from and how I had heard it at the time… without spoiling it. *laughs hysterically*

Three years ago (so long ago…) I was doing some baking with my Mum and two lovely ladies – Megan and Bron – and Bron had gotten a text from her husband. We had allot of laughs over the story, it isn’t everyday that three children can make complete mayhem… or is it?

If you are interested in reading the true, funny, short story of the Hope Family make sure to go check out the link: here and leave a review!

NOTE: you will need a


H. G. Reilly



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