This image is really random, but I live in rural country so this is common to see.

I have a few announcements as you may see from the title of the post. So get ready!

  • I will not be publishing Under The Tree in July

I have put myself under too much pressure (which I don’t enjoy) and even though it’s two months away I will be editing at my own leisure and will then publish it. Which means the posts I had planned before are on hold.

  • You guys are still going to get the Q and A so don’t worry about that.

So, because of this I feel like I should make it up to you guys.

  • I will instead be publishing (as a kindle ebook) a short true story that has been in the making for quite a while.

*throws balloons to everyone*

So, a little information about this short true story.

This is the cover:

The Happens of the Hope Family (1).jpg

I will only be publishing it on kindle ebook. This is mainly because it is so short that and createspace wasn’t letting me publish it as a hardcover. Also I didn’t want people to pay for postage for a book that really is too short to be classed as a book.

The description/summary is this: 

The Hope Family is just like any family but with a slight twist.

It’s simple but true without telling the whole story.

I will hopefully be publishing it later this week (Oh so soon!) So keep an eye out and i’ll post a link.


H. G. Reilly



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