Pre-Publish Part 1

Pre-Publish P1.jpg

What is this?

This is pretty much my self-promotion for my novel Under The Tree which is being published in July (depending on how much editing I can get done possibly august, but no earlier than July). So I am wanting to get people excited about my novel, and for a few people to actually possibly buy it when it comes out.

So I will start the first part with the summary (which will be on the back cover of the book).

Zoe has been traveling around the country since she was born, all she wants to do is settle down. When her family stops at a small country town called Glum River, Zoe is determined to stay, but when her father’s abusive character starts getting worse she knows she has to save her little brother from the life that he was born into. 

Zoe meets Melvin, a christian who has been given the chance to save Zoe and her brother. But will he?

I am not on the same page as doing a blog tour, giving away free versions of the book just for reviews doesn’t sound like my thing, so I am not giving away free books (sorry guys) and I’m not getting random people to edit my novel (my trust is limited). So instead I am going to ask a few different people if they could possibly re-post my next few Pre-Publish posts so I can get my novel out there and noticeable. Of course it isn’t a ‘YOU HAVE TO DO THIS’ situation, this is entirely up to you and I have more than enough friends to share it along the friendship grapevine. But it would be awesome if you guys could re-post them for me!

Anyways, onto super serious business … The video that I mentioned I would make and post on here (the Q and A) will also be in the next post. I’m very excited to create it. No, I haven’t videoed it yet. But I have some amazing questions that have come in! and I can’t wait to answer them.


H. G. Reilly


Part 2





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