UTT (Publishing?)

Hello everyone,

So you may be aware that since I finished the first draft for Under The Tree (UTT) I have been considering self-publishing it. (Ah the suspense) and you will maybe, probably, maybe not be excited to hear that today I have been going through Createspace and putting in all the detail… and my plan is to finish editing UTT by maybe the end of this month maybe halfway through June and then publish it in July!

New and improved cover

So, because of this special occasion I am going to do a Q & A video  but it would be AWESOME if you guys could ask a few questions in the comments below, I would love to hear from you guys!

Self promotion is hard for us writers, and I am so thankful for you all following me and liking my posts and commenting such sweet things! I will have more information coming soon so hold your horses and write down those questions in the comments!


H. G. Reilly


4 thoughts on “UTT (Publishing?)

  1. Ooh, love the new cover! Cover creator is pretty awesome. 🙂

    Let me see … questions. How about these:

    What gave you the idea for Under the Tree? What encouraged you to write it down?
    When did you first decide you wanted to be a writer? Why?
    If there was one message you could communicate to people through Under the Tree, what would that be?
    What are your thoughts on the plot vs. character debate?

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