Diving Deeper


Editing my novella (Under The Tree) is quite a challenge and I know it will take some time before I am quite satisfied with it. I have planned at least for my first book to edit it myself and maybe ask a few friends of mine to have a quick skim over it, but I am not getting it professionally edited (or) asking people on the internet to do it for me either. (sorry)

When you edit your own book you discover so many amazing things you didn’t mean to add in as well as noticing things that you should add in. Which is pretty awesome!


In some book right at the beginning of a chapter it would have something like this:


“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”

Once upon a time in my dreamy world of Sweden, there lived myself who …

I’m not exactly sure what to call it but the part I have underlined is what I’m trying to explain. It’s like a pre-chapter or something. So the ‘pre-chapter’ of every chapter of Under The Tree starts with a bible verse that dives deeper into what the chapter really means when you read it.

H. G. Reilly


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