Crafty Wording


Correct wording is crucial when writing nearly anything. Your vocabulary skill must be top notch, and even your pronunciation must be good.

Well, since I am a very lazy person and I have tried vocab books many times (and nothing sunk in), I decided to look online for things like this:


This is such a clever and grasping way of showing words you can use other than said. Let’s all be honest here, we can’t stop using the word said when writing. He said this, she said that. I know that is a problem I am indeed trying to resolve. And yes, it is annoying having to look away from your editing, and check this out, but it is a heap of help!


Even having a sticky note next to you with a few words you could replace laughed with or something like that. The story grabs the reader more if you have words other than the normal ones such as cool, said, laughed, walked, scared and such.

I also found this, which I thought was very awesome!


So say you are looking for a synonym for sad and you don’t have the thesaurus with you (which I recommend having by your side when you are writing at ALL times!) this would be helpful in that sense.

How good is your vocabulary, and do you think you would find these helpful?


H. G. Reilly


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