Sharing is Caring

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Hi everyone,

So my great christian friend Phoenix from God is awesome and at work created this amazing Sharing is Caring blog promotion!

It is for promoting your blog, and another person’s  blog at the same time! (Which is pretty cool!)

The Rules:

  • Write a blob of words about your blog/or/About you.
  • Add a LINK for your blog, so it easy for us all to find!!!
  • Recommend a friend’s blog.
  • Add a LINK to your friends’ blog.
  • Have a look at everyone else’s blog too!


I am a christian author, reader, and dreamer. I mainly blog about random writing stuff and sometimes a bit of christian encouragement.
My blog is found at:

I am promoting both Phoenix from God is awesome and at work who has such encouraging christian posts that just make my day!


Caitlyn from Salt and Light who’s blog posts are just so amazing and inspirational, and unquestionably amazing!

If I tagged you, you don’t have to continue the Sharing is Caring, but I’d love to hear your comments with something about your blog, a link to your blog and even a promotion to a blog you really love!

H. G. Reilly




6 thoughts on “Sharing is Caring

  1. Hey! I think this post is amazing because we can get new followers and comments, right? 😉 Anyway, I promoted my blog on Phoenix’s blog but I think I can also do it here ^^

    In fact I’m Polish so English isn’t my ethnic language. Of course I learn it at school cause it’s a duty of all Polish children. I love this language. I think it’s really nice and quite easy. I want to have the best mark (six) as the semester final grade from English. My teacher agree with that but she says that I must do a lot of “English things” – I do extra homework, I have good marks from tests and quizzes, I’m active during lessons… and I also have this blog. It’s about English-speaking countries and their culture. Yes, yes… And I’m going to show my teacher it soon but now I want to have more followers and a lot of nice comments. It’ll be good if my teacher sees that my blog is quite popular 😊
    Please, check it out. I’ll be happy and grateful 💕

    I’m also promoting another blog. It’s written by Polish girl who lives in London. She mainly describes her days in London but also her trips to another places. This blog is really interesting and I love it! 😊 I am really happy that I found this blog and I can read great posts!! ❤ Definitely check it out!

    That’s all from me 😉


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