A break

So, I have written the 10,871 words for Under The Tree. I have even started going through and drafting it before I start editing. So for the next week or two my schedule includes:

  1. Getting used to four braces on my upper teeth (They aren’t so bad at the moment, but not being able to eat a few foods is irritating)
  2. Drafting all eleven chapters of Under The Tree
  3. Read more books (I am behind allot guys)
  4. Write more posts.
  5. Be more diligent in my walk with God (very important people)


A break from writing is probably something I need at the moment. I mean seriously, I wrote a novel in a month! *shudders*

For the next few weeks allot of posts will be more christian themed.

(anyone else think this drink is annoyingly mouthwatering?)


H. G. Reilly


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