Under The Tree 10K!


Hi Everyone!

This is a post to say that I have officially written 10k words/10,326 I have written the whole book and now my only job (the biggest) is editing and drafting!


This is the first time I have officially won NaNoWriMo … so I am very excited! I have decided because of this special day I have decided to write my favourite line from each chapter! (Warning there may, be the slightest spoiler but I will try to keep it down)


Chapter 1 –

The river sat on my right moving ever so lazily. The Eucalyptus and Gum trees hung overhead. I was sick of our campervan; it was stuffy and smelled like rotten cheese, my Papa would always be ordering me around, my mother acting to childishly to care and of course my ten-year-old brother, Leland who is quiet yet sweet.

Chapter 2 –

I opened my book, and moved my bookmark so I could read the first few words on the page.

She was swept off her feet, the air whooshed around her like a hurricane; her only weapon against it was her umbrella. It didn’t help her much as she went flying in the wind and into her dreams.

Chapter 3 –

The taller girl turned. “Oh, hello Melvin!” She exclaimed, her voice rising a whole octave higher.

Melvin? I thought, I blinked a few times and saw him. He pushed back his messy brown hair as he gave the tall girl a disgusted look. His arms were crossed. He looked lived in a gym.

Chapter 4 –

“Flower.” A voice said randomly. “What are you reading?” The voice asked.

Stunned I looked up to see Melvin sitting in the sun wearing dripping wet swimmers.

Hunger Games.” I replied closing the book.

“Ah, action, treachery, romance.” Melvin murmured. “Your type of book?”

I shrugged. “I read all kinds of books.”

Chapter 5 –

There in front of me, sat a blue-tongued lizard, it flicked out it’s tongue and hissed. I knew the lizards could be dangerous too if I provoked them. “Hey,” I whispered smiling at it. “It’s a bit cold out here isn’t it?”

I heard a twig snap from behind me. “Please tell me you aren’t talking to a tree.” I heard Melvin ask amused.

I turned around laughing. “No, a lizard.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Like that makes it better.”

Chapter 6 –

“Zoe, where have you been?” Mama asked from her bed where she was painting her nails a hideous shade of yellow.

“Is that mustard?” I asked staring at the nail polish.

“Actually is called ‘sunrise glow’.” She replied.

“Zoe,” My father growled from behind me.

Chapter 7 –

I heard a huff as someone jumped onto a rock on the other side of the river. Melvin climbed onto the island. “M’lady,” He said doing a quick amused bow.

“Hello,” I said forlornly looking up to greet him.

“I see you got out of jail.” He said sitting beside me.

“If someone had walked past just then they would think I a criminal.” I said grinning.

“Ah, sorry.” He said leaning back against the tree and putting his arms behind his head.

Chapter 8 –

“Why didn’t you help us, if you knew he was doing the wrong thing?” I asked looking back at her.

“I was scared.”

I sighed. “Well that is comforting.” I muttered sarcastically.

Chapter 9 –

I shook my head. “No it’s not!” I said shoving her hand off me. “You weren’t born to two oblivious people who didn’t care for you, you weren’t born into a family that punched you every time you took a step.” I yelled. “He deserves his time in jail every bit as you deserve to live alone.”

Chapter 10 –

My mother got agitated. “You may as well be adopted then!” She yelled.

Mr Knight shook his head. “No, you are her mother and we … don’t feel it is our duty to adopt Zoe.” He seemed to be avoiding something.

Chapter 11 –

Everyone was invisible to me as I came to a stop beside my future. He looked over to me smiling. Leaning down he whispered.

“And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.”

Wow, it was hard to choose! I hope you guys enjoyed all of them and I still had a hope of publishing Under The Tree so stay tuned for that!


H. G. Reilly


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