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Hello everyone! Easter is just around the corner, so I hope you guys aren’t under any stress planning for the weekend.

I am a homeschooling student, which means when school holidays come around my parents decided that I still do schoolwork (note: not all homeschooling families are like this). I have recently started a Literature course the last two weeks, I am enjoying it allot, it encourages me to be creative. One of the assignments was that I had to read a poem, themed on ‘Light’ and I had two write a one page assignment about my thoughts on the meaning of “Make of yourself a light.”

I have posted it below.


Being a good example to people is a difficult challenge, one in which no one can completely perfect. “Make of yourself a light” is an instruction telling us to be a good example to people, even if it is challenging.

I think that to everyone, being a good example would mean something different to him or her. For me, it would be making myself a good example of what a Christian is.

The first steps to being a good example of Christianity is being devoted to God, you can’t be a good example of Christianity unless you are a Christian and this starts by praying to God, reading his word, and having him in your everyday life. Some would say to be a good example you must first win people over. I wouldn’t phrase it as such but would say it is more showing people that Christians are not only a spiritual community that sits in an old church building praying and singing ancient hymns, but they are also kind, giving, loving and faithful people who go out into society to serve and show God’s love to people.

Allot of people go out into the world get a job that pays well for the money, that isn’t such a bad thing if you need the money to support your family, but when you want the money for selfish reasons it isn’t such an admirable choice. I love writing novels and short stories, and I don’t want to go into life thinking that my books will be top sellers or that I will be a successful author. I want to write to encourage those who read my work about God, about his love and about what he has done for us. To do this I pray constantly for wisdom in my writing, so that I can write the right things. As well as a future job to encourage people, another way to be a good example of Christianity is to go out into the community and act normal. A few think that all Christians do is sit in old building reading an old book, singing with their awfully toned voices. I want to show people that, that isn’t what we do. We are hardworking people just like everyone else who try to be good examples to Christian faith, to show people God, and his amazing love for us!

H. G. Reilly


2 thoughts on “Good Example

  1. Great post! I’m really hoping someday I’ll be a light in the world in the way God intended me to be. I’m hoping that’s as a writer (it’s what I really want to be), but whatever God’s plan is, I’m so excited for it! 🙂

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