Under The Tree – The Inside Story

The recent plotting that I have put into Under The Tree is rather overwhelming. Character plotting is one of my least favourite things. I prefer to just write the story and not have all the information about the characters. But I do notice that when I start writing I need information. How old they are. What their motivations are, and so on.

As well as characters I have been doing a bit of chapter plotting, which for me is the next best thing. I love watching/writing how the characters develop over time and the chapters is as close as I’m going to get to the actual writing process.

The main idea of the story is that a few years ago a man was seen stealing many expensive things, he ran away and secretly married a beautiful yet vain and childish girl. Together they had two children one of them always following in the fathers footsteps because he didn’t know any better, and the other a smart girl who despised her deceitful father. Always moving around hiding from the cops they stop at a small town, where the girl makes her first friend. People in the town get suspicious and that is where things get out of hand.

I don’t want to spoilt things, I’d rather you read it once I’ve written it and such.

Zoe RuckerMelvin Knight – Myself

Melvin, you have lived in Glum-River all your life. Would you say it was easy to notice the Rucker’s moving to town or hard?

Glum-River is a small town, and word spreads like a grapevine so before long word had gotten out. 

How did you first officially meet Zoe, Melvin?

At my school. Zoe was walking home on day and as she passed the school a few of the older girls started asking questions and bullying her. I went over and walked her home.

Nice! Zoe, when did you first have suspicions of your father?

When I was about thirteen. My father would move us around allot and he’d never let me talk to strangers. I started thinking that my father wasn’t traveling for the joy of it, but that he was moving around to get away from something.

Why do you both think that the novel is titled Under The Tree?

Well, it was under the tree that we became friends, it was under the tree that we …

Read the bible and prayed together. The tree in particular was just a special part that we both felt there was something special.

I wouldn’t put it like that. *rolls eyes*


When I was walking the first morning we had stayed at Glum-River, I walked along the river itself and came across a small crossing made of an island and a few rocks that were outcropping the water. I walked across the rocks to sit under this tree. It’s just a gorgeous spot really.

I still think you felt something special there … like destiny!

Melvin, shush!

Melvin, about this destiny…?

Oh now you’ve gotten her started, Melvin!

*laughs* I don’t know, I believe God brought Zoe here for a reason, that’s all. 

Cool! If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Anywhere, hmm.

I would live in a small country town, with caring people and river with a small shady tree.

That is where our differences collide! *grins* I would love to live by the sea, with those clear blue waters and …

Perfect white sand? Palm trees?

There aren’t many of those type of beaches around here.

That is why i’d move there.

I’ve always love the idea of Greece!

Greece? I don’t remember having this conversation…

Not with you, silly! With my brain.

*laughs* okay and a bonus question. Would you rather: Eat only pizza or only Taco’s?

Taco’s, what type of question is that?

I do like pizza and with pizza you can have more of a variety, like nutella and fruit or something like that, so i’d prefer pizza.

You know, that is a good point.

I know it is, that’s why I said it.

Okay, thank you both for coming without pre-warning. I wanted to give the readers a little surprise. It’s been great having you both here!

Thanks for having us!

Nice to finally meet you!

That’s all I have for you today, I hope you were surprised and enjoyed it!


H. G. Reilly







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