{Character Reveal} Melvin Knight

I promised an interview with Melvin Knight, for a follower of mine (SHOUTOUT TOO PHOENIXDARKSCALES AT GOD IS AWESOME AND AT WORK)


What’s your name?  Do you have a nickname?  Is there any meaning behind your name or your nickname?

My name is Melvin. A few of my ‘friends’ call me Vin, but I prefer to go by Melvin. My parents named me Melvin because it means chief. I don’t know why, they just liked chief.

How old do you look?  Is that your real age?  How old are you, actually?

I am sixteen, I haven’t really thought about how old I look.

What’s your gender?


What’s your eye color?  How easy is to tell your eye color from a distance?

I have hazel eyes. A few people have told me my eyes can be seem from miles away, obviously it’s and exaggeration. 

What’s your ethnicity?  Does anybody ever get it wrong?

I’d say we are rather modern, my parents buy the newest iPhone when it comes out. I think people overestimate us and think we are rich, when we aren’t.

What’s your build?  How tall are you?  Are you strong?

Again i’ve been told by many that i’m strong, build quite muscular, and a bit over average hight.

What’s your foremost physical trait—the first thing someone will notice about your appearance?

It seems they notice my arms, which creeps me out. Sure, I go to the gym and am more diligent to working out than most of the other boys, but I’d prefer that people see me without the first impression being that I’m strong.

What’s your favorite outfit, or what do you wear the most?  Why is that your favorite?

Whatever is comfortable. Along the lines of jeans, and a bike-jacket.

 How do you usually introduce yourself to new people?

Usually they introduce themselves, I’m not to open. But when I introduce myself to new people I don’t like to keep everything based on myself I like to talk about them.

What would you do if you were a pirate?

I would travel the world, searching for new places.

How do you usually enter a room?

Normally? I don’t know, head up, ready to talk… I guess.

How would you describe yourself in one word?


Three words?

funny, strong, diligent.

What kind of first-impression do you usually make?  Do you think it’s a good first-impression?

The first-impression is usually that i’m strong and handsome, which annoys me and I don’t think it’s worth being a good impression. 

What kind of first-impression do you want to make?

I want my first-impression to be showing the faith I have.

How would your best friend describe you?

I don’t really have a best friends, most of my friends are more people who follow me around thinking I will buy stuff for them because I look rich.

How would your enemy describe you?

I don’t really have any enemies, there is another guy at school and he talks behind my back about me being stupid and other words.

Do you agree with either of those descriptions?  Why?

I’m not the smartest person in the world, but i’m not stupid.

How do you usually exit a room?

I don’t know, calm.

If you were a flower, what kind of flower would you be?

A flower? This is such a girly question … uh I don’t know a Tiger-lily why do I have to answer this? Uh!

Melvin is sort of on the happier side, which I’m glad of. Zoe was really sad, did anyone else feel that way?

I do have a little addition to Melvin …

One Fun Detail about Melvin – When Zoe first met him he said “Flower on a sunset” out loud on accident and now every time he meets her he repeats it. Hinting how much he cares for her.

(AHHHHHHHHHHH) So much! So little time!


H. G. Reilly


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