{Project Reveal} Under The Tree

Today I am doing a project reveal, meaning the last few weeks/months/years whatever you want, I’ve been working on a writing project. For me, I’ve been doing it for two-three weeks doing character planning, chapter summaries and such for my most recent project titled Under The Tree for the book cover click here

This is a new plan I’ve come up with (the project reveal’s) it’s a special post giving away little snippets i’ve been jotting down, a few secrets about the characters and so on. 

Under The Tree is the novel I am writing for Camp NaNoWriMo this April! (I also just noticed how different this post will be compared to my calm, Christ centred posts.) 

Why don’t I introduce you to the plot: 

Zoe isn’t used to staying in one spot. When they stop outside a small town called Glum River, Zoe befriends Melvin, and discovers what it takes to be a true friend. When the time comes Zoe is determined to convince her parents to stay at Glum River.

Troubles arise when her father is arrested by the police for burglary and resisting arrest for fifteen years! Zoe’s mother is devastated and doesn’t know what to do. Zoe can only pray and hope that the God Melvin told her about would answer her prayers.

Okay, now that we’ve gone through the plot you now know every little bit of the story. Alas I am not finished yet. 

WARNING!!! The following is top secret writers information, if you pass this point you either have special permission from the writer herself, or you have a death wish.

Character Introduction:

Protagonist – Main Character

Zoe Rucker


To get to know our protagonist better why don’t I do a little introduction, ask her a few question and such. (I didn’t steal this from Kellyn Roth’s interview post way back here, I hope you don’t mind. :D)


What’s your name?  Do you have a nickname?  Is there any meaning behind your name or your nickname?

My name is Zoe Rucker, I don’t really have a nickname. Zoe is quite a short name, and my brother never could bring himself to shortening it, considering every time he tried he would get in trouble with Mama. The meaning behind my name, hmm … In the book I was names because my mother wanted to call me Eloe (which is such a weird name) and my father wanted to call me Z (as in just the letter) and in the end they called me Zoe. My author named me Zoe because she loves the name. 

How old do you look?  Is that your real age?  How old are you, actually?

I’d say I look about eighteen, maybe? I am Sixteen. 

What’s your gender?

Female, no doubt about it. I really can’t be mistaken for a guy.

What’s your eye color?  How easy is to tell your eye color from a distance?

Good question! My eye colour is brown. It’s quite dark so it’s rather hard.

What’s your ethnicity?  Does anybody ever get it wrong?

Huh. Allot of people we meet think we are hipsters (which I don’t think is a bad thing) but we aren’t. We are rather old fashioned, and always moving around.

What’s your build?  How tall are you?  Are you strong?

I wouldn’t say i’m a big, buff, bodybuilder. Haha! I’m medium weight and build, not too skinny not too big. I actually don’t know how tall I am. I am not strong I can hardly open a jam container.

What’s your foremost physical trait—the first thing someone will notice about your appearance?

I might seem really quiet and shy. I’ve never had friends before, so when there are teenagers walking home from school or something when I’m at the shops with Mama they will give me weird looks.

What’s your favorite outfit, or what do you wear the most?  Why is that your favorite?

I usually wear skinny denim jeans, a black tee-shirt, a denim jacket, and black boots. 

 How do you usually introduce yourself to new people?

No idea, i’ve never had to. I think I would probably say “Hi” Tell them my name, ask them what their name is … the usual awkward introduction.

What would you do if you were a pirate?

A pirate? I would shore my boat and live on an island where I wouldn’t have to move away all the time.

How do you usually enter a room?

Hang my head and pretend I’m not there.

How would you describe yourself in one word?


Three words?

Creative, and hot-tempered.

What kind of first-impression do you usually make?  Do you think it’s a good first-impression?

It’s probably not a good first-impression. I’d probably look like a lost duck or something.

What kind of first-impression do you want to make?

I want people to see that I’m not shy, and that I want friends.

How would your best friend describe you?

Best friend? I don’t have one.

How would your enemy describe you?

You mean my dad? He would describe me as a shy, self-centred, girl.

Do you agree with either of those descriptions?  Why?

Well, I am a girl. But I wouldn’t say I am self-centred. I just want to let people see that I am not like my father, or mother, and I can be who I want to be. I hope that doesn’t make me look self-centred.

How do you usually exit a room?

Same way I enter.

If you were a flower, what kind of flower would you be?

I would be a Tulip. 

What do you think of Zoe? She seems really lonely to me, I just want to give her a big hug and bring her home, where we could watch movies, and read books, and be able to walk into a room with determination.

There is another character in the book named Melvin who as you may know if you read the summary befriends Zoe (SPOILERS). He (he!!!!!) is pretty awesome! I considered doing a introduction for him as well. But I want to see if you’d like to hear more about him. If so then I’ll write a post introducing him.

Keep an eye out for {Secrets Revealed} Part 1, I’ll be posting it sometime this week and it’ll have some little secrets about the novel – Under The Tree. Also If you have any question about the book, the characters, or such write them below in the comments and i’ll add them into the {SR}P1 post.

Have a lovely week!


H. G. Reilly



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