Movie Wise

I wanted to write a quick post regarding being movie wise. I have read a few posts from other blogs I follow especially talking about Beauty and the Beast and I don’t think I’ve made my opinion quite clear.

I have decided I am going to watch the Beauty and the Beast movie, regardless that it has a few gay scenes in it. Not because I think that is okay, but because I am part of a Book Club and as one of the leaders I don’t think it’s kind to the others members to not be able to watch the movie just because I think it’s wrong.

I have had quite a few conversations about the gay scenes in Beauty and the Beast. A few conversations leaded into them saying that they didn’t really mind, and if the scenes are subtle that’s okay. I’m sorry, but just because it’s harder to notice doesn’t mean the scenes aren’t there.

I did a bit of research and am now aware of what happens in the scenes and when the scenes are. So I will be going to the movie to watch it, but I will completely ignore the particular scenes and will not be watching them. I will also not be buying or watching the movie afterwards, since I don’t want to encourage the makers that being gay is okay.




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